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Innovation Centre for the Information Society


Centre of R&D+i (Research, Development and Innovtion) of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

To play an active and practical role in the design and implementation of a sustainable (competitive and responsible) model for the Information Society, based on appropriate, intensive use of Information Technology in the fields of:

  • Training and learning (e-Learning)
  • Business (e-Business)
  • Government (e-Government)

Marine Biotechnology Centre

Marine Biotechnology Centre Logo

The Marine Biotechnology Centre (CBM, in Spanish) is a ULPGC research centre made up of the research groups in the field of Applied Algology and Biological Oceanography, who work in close cooperation with researchers from other national and international research groups. The collaboration of both research groups is currently based on new lines combining knowledge and techniques developed in eco-physiological studies and applied to marine vegetation and producers.

Biodiversity and Environmental Management Centre


The Biodiversity and Environmental Management Centre is made up of the research groups in Chemical Environmental Analysis, Environmental Quality and Biodiversity and Conservation. It is an inter-disciplinary research centre that carries out research in the following areas:

  • Development of new “clean” methodologies in chemical environmental analysis, marine pollution, atmospheric entries, marine biogeochemistry, marine plant systematics and ecology, conservation of biodiversity, palaeontology and palaeoclimatology in the Canary Islands, Coastal biology resources management, fisheries and fish ethology.

All the research groups of the Centre participate in European, national and regional projects.