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Development cooperation

The ULPGC carried out development cooperation activities through the University Centre for Development Cooperation (CUCID, in Spanish), which was set up, together with the Las Palmas University Foundation, as a reference centre for development cooperation both in and organised from the Canary Islands.

The main activities of the CUCID are: to promote volunteer actions supporting the university community and the Canary youth population; to increase education and awareness in the Cooperation Development field within the Canary population; to contribute to the improvement of and participation in of Development Cooperation projects in developing countries organised from the Canary Islands; to promote the relations between the various entities involved in Development Cooperation within the region.

Actions carried out within the field of development cooperation are aimed at:

  • Contributing to the economic, social and cultural development in the Canary Islands, and its neighbouring countries (in both geographical and cultural terms).
  • Ensuring an effective commitment from the Canary Community and towns where the Development Cooperation activities are carried out.
  • Promoting the active participation in Development Cooperation of all the university community members and Canary Society in general.
  • Promoting research activities and participation In Development Cooperation Projects, Ensuring transparency in technical and economic management.