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Science, like any other human activity, must be subject to ethical, moral and legal principles, to guarantee that it takes place within the limits of human dignity. These principles are laid out in the EDULPGC’s Internal regulations and Code of Best Practices by which our scientists are bound when carrying out their activities.

1. Freedom of research.

2. Respect for human dignity. Recognition that no research that violates the health or dignity of a human being should be carried out in natural or social sciences or in humanities.

3. Professional responsibility.

4. Transparency.

5. Performance of contractual and legal obligations. Knowledge of the regulations and standards governing training and labour conditions.

6. Safety and protection.

7. Dissemination and exploitation of results.

These general principles are set out in more detail in the code of best practices in a set of recommendations and commitments for the carrying out of the researchers’ main activities.