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Nature and mission

The mission of the Doctoral School of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (EDULPGC, in its Spanish initials) is to organize doctoral teaching and related activities in the University.

In addition to this main purpose, it may also organize other activities for the training of researchers, which in this case will lead to official Master’s qualifications, as well as other research-related training activities.

To this end, it may collaborate with other universities or other public or private, national or international universities or other organisms, centres, institutions and bodies working in R&D+i (innovation).

The EDULPGC will plan those activities that comprise the training and development of its doctoral students.

The EDULPGC will carry out those actions needed to guarantee that the researchers enrolled can attain the academic and professional knowledge and know-how stipulated in their doctoral programmes.

The EDULPGC has been set up as an Interdiscipinary School and, as such, will play a leading role in its sphere, to which end it has a sufficiently sound critical mass of third cycle PhD lecturers and doctoral students. Thus, its vocation is to cover all the different areas of knowledge and to combine highly specialised fields from a multi-disciplinary perspective, responding to the variety of research training needs and methods.