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The EDULPGC’s functions are listed below:

1. Propose and present Doctoral Programmes for official verification.

2. Plan, disseminate and organize activities inherent to the training and development of Doctoral Programmes and, where appropriate, other research training programmes.

3. Organize relations with those Departments, Centres and Institutes that participate in its training programmes, as well as with other participating bodies in order to ensure that training activities are duly coordinated and to ensure rationalized academic and administrative management.

4. Organize and manage the administrative processes related to the academic records of its doctoral students, including signing them up initially, registering them, keeping records of their activities, all the administrative steps required for them to complete their doctoral thesis, issuing certificates, processing any official recognition or transfer of documents required, as well as certification of qualifications and other similar functions.

5. Participate in quality assessment processes, both in terms of verification, follow-up and certification and of the active promotion of improvement and, where necessary, modification of research master syllabuses or programmes, drawing up proposals for the different bodies that participate in its training programmes.

6. Organize complementary activities to enhance the development of cross-cutting research competences.

7. Foster cooperation in R&D+i (innovation) with public and private external bodies, particularly on an international level, promoting the mobility of doctoral lecturers and students.

8. Boost excellence in its Doctoral Programmes, as well as the quality of the doctoral theses carried out within them.

9. Manage the material resources allocated and the way they are distributed among the training programmes.

10. Represent the EDULPGC and participate in public and private institutions where its presence or expert advice is required.

11. Disseminate information about the different programmes and mobility grants on offer, either from the EDULPGC or other sources, and promote the participation of its members in these initiatives.